About the Project

A necessary endeavor

Over the past decade, Bryn Mawr Hospital (BMH) has conducted a comprehensive engineering, structural and programmatic evaluation of all of the hospital’s facilities.

This extensive assessment revealed that the most vital areas of our 123-year-old institution could benefit from upgrades, to better match the high standard of service we set for care delivery and the patient experience. It is our priority to provide larger patient rooms to adequately support the work of our clinicians, and appropriately accommodate family members and loved ones. Several of our inpatient units were built between 1927 and 1992, the infrastructure of which does not lend itself to renovation, thus new construction is needed.

Replacement of BMH’s intensive care facilities, built in the 1980s, will best serve the advanced needs of this vulnerable patient population. In addition, we’ve identified opportunities to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of our surgical facilities and to improve the maternity patient experience.

A compelling vision

To ensure that Bryn Mawr Hospital can continue to provide the exceptional level of care for which it is known and cherished in this community, the hospital is undertaking a $253 million modernization project—the most significant investment in hospital history—which will modernize Bryn Mawr Hospital into a contemporary health care facility that:

  • meets the expectations and specific needs of our discerning community today
  • is equipped to accommodate future care delivery models and demand
  • will continue to attract medical professionals at the top of their field




A milestone modernization project

The cornerstone of the campus modernization will be the construction of a new building at the heart of the BMH campus.

The building will house:

  • a state-of-the-art surgical suite with 12 all-new operating rooms and an additional shelled operating room for future growth
  • an intensive care unit comprised of 18 private patient rooms, each with a full bathroom and space to accommodate family members
  • two inpatient medical/surgical telemetry units (27 standard patient rooms and one concierge suite per unit), with full bathrooms and designated space for family members/visitors in every room
  • a 25-bed maternity unit and nursery for post-partum patients
  • a labor and delivery (L&D) unit with eight L&D rooms, two C-section suites and two birthing suites
  • a neonatal intensive care unit

This 257,000 square foot, five-level facility will transform the patient experience and care delivery at Bryn Mawr Hospital, and optimally re-purpose the existing unused footprint on campus. The new building will connect to existing hospital buildings from the ground floor to level three and will have the flexibility to accommodate an additional two floors if needed in the future.

Our modernization project also includes significant renovations to clinical and public spaces including:

  • The Old Lancaster Road entrance and main façade to facilitate easier wayfinding and patient pick up/drop off
  • The Warden Lobby, which will be the primary access point for the new surgical suite as well as the inpatient units within the new building
  • The Outpatient Services Department including admissions, registration, laboratory and pre-admission testing

A significant impact

The result of Bryn Mawr Hospital’s project will be a facility that enables our community to be cared for by the same physicians and care giving teams for which the hospital is beloved, in an improved environment that supports superior care delivery and meets a higher level of patient experience expectations.